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    somehow considered this a fable, questioning its position as a fact and reality - until actually smelling this perfume. This fragrance launched when I was working the counter at a major department store in my college town. Very few people are luke warm on this. They will not ride the fence down the middle (most likely). The lower tobacco scent grounds the chord with a richness very similar to Beautiful., the more I wear this, the more I love it! With the depth of tobacco and warmth that draws you. This had such a huge popularity (at that time) that although I totally loved it - and was quite mesmerized by the smell of it - the over popularity drove me away from allowing it to become my "signature scent" simply because too many people. Poison could become totally toxic and nauseous. A fragrant potion of bougainvillea and orchid, lily and violet, wound with notes of honey, plum, and amber. This fragrance dances the line of raw attraction and total repulsion - as you will see in the reviews on this fragrance. I reviewed the Eau du Toilet - so the perfume and eau du parfum are probably much more intense., description found on another website: Poison by Christian Dior. It has the length of wear that I require and would be a more economical buy in the long run, simply based on the fact that it would require less re-spraying!, the Eau du Toilet is the predominant form found in the department stores orari gs casine ostra now. Although the first of the race determined that Poison was the more potent of the two - at the 3rd and 4th hours, Alien is more full-bodied and actually remains more true to form. But in the same type of family. Se non hai mai giocato prima, potrebbe essere una buona idea quella di non rischiare immediatamente il tuo denaro. BetStars è il nuovo servizio di scommesse online di PokerStars. Piazza le tue scommesse con le migliori" del mercato su calcio, ippica, tennis e tutti i principali sport. Buy Trademark Poker gldcard 24K Gold Playing Cards: Standard Playing Card Decks - m free delivery possible on eligible purchases.

    So it is a bit more polarizing than some of the other fragrances that I casino campione crisi have seen. Iapos, you can imagine this being brewed to lure and seduce love and adoration from all those that smell this. M sampling Poison along side Alien, m so glad that I decided to give this a try again. Poison Passionapos, wear this only if you dare. You could wear Poison on days when you are needing to establish more presence and wear Alien on days when you are going to be in more crowded spaces and need to have a lighter. If you truly love these blends. But are enough alike where it would create a very strong" S Love Potion worn with the right blend of chemistry. Signature scen" i think that they could both be used as a" Together, they could be interchangeable, it is truly a fabulous fragrance. Years have passed since its launch. About 34 hours into the wear.

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    For those women who have the chemistry to wear this and wear this well. Which has always worn extremely well with my chemistry. Poison becomes a casino di poker potent love potion. S Or not, casino di poker the last lap of the 8 hour race. Poison is a bit of a higher chord than Beautiful. But both have different qualities, you will know within the first three hours of wearing this. With chemistry that does NOT blend with this. Some have compared Alien to Poison.

    They will either love this.Poison has passed the "signature fragrance" for.