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    Square (the only Piazza in Venice being Piazza San Marco) Piazzetta a smaller square (there are only 2 of these in Venice). However, the following are probably considered top of the list: Palazzo Ducale (Doge's Palace - with online booking for the Secret Itineraries tour) - click here (Museums) for a 'Virtual Map/Tour' of the Palace Saint Marks Basilica The Clock Tower, rkss Square - view. With such an amazing number and variety of museums and galleries to choose from, narrowing down your choice can sometimes prove quite a challenge! Apartment Ca' Rioalto, Ca' Del Gabbiano, Ca' Redentore 4 and Ca' Del Mercante Venetian Terrazzo Flooring an ancient flooring technique in which marble maurizio casini della mediaspot srl chips are set in a thick base and then highly polished. Ice-Cream, Pizza and Pasta. San Polo, Santa Margherita) Chiesa a church Abbazia an abbey Campanile the bell tower of a church. Airport buses, aTVO run services to Treviso Airport and to Marco Polo Airport. What books/iPhone apps about Venice do you recommend?

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    Actv ticket machines indicated above are available 24 hours a day. M Winding along the calli and campi of the different sestieri districts. The formerly allprivate beaches which can now be accessed by nonpaying individuals but where the hotels venice or privatepublic companies still charge for use of their beach facilities such as beach huts etc. Alternatively 7th April 2019 Su e Zo per I ponti up and down the bridges All are welcome to take part in this annual noncompetitive walk through Venice. Bellini Laguna Lagoon Canale a large canal. Actv Lido waterbus stop Santa Maria Elisabetta Punta Sabbioni.

    Venice, airport Water Taxi Service.Start your holiday in style with a Canal Grande tour and a flut of chilled Prosecco.

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    Grab your swimming costumes and take the vaporetto over to dellippocastano the Lido island for a refreshing dip in the sea 30pm and lasts, its traditional to stand up while you make the crossing but you are allowed to sit down instead. Special events such as the Redentore. These depart from the rows of actv bus stops closer to the Grand Canal.